Gewürztraminer ripens unevenly on the vine, which is a blessing when it comes to the winemaking. The result?… a spectrum of flavours as well as a kick of natural acidity from the less-ripe berries. Lifted with lychee, quince and delicate citrus blossom. Grapefruit undernotes and scented rose. Fresh and light-bodied, utterly smashable, with a good whack of texture to-boot.

Picked in the early-morning cool, followed by 24 hours’ skin contact in press. Gently pressed followed by wild fermentation on full solids. Fermented cool and slow in a stainless steel tank to preserve the purity of vineyard & fruit, followed by time on lees for mouthfeel.

Unfined and vegan.

Soil: Bright orange clay with a rocky gravel, ironstone, sandstone and quartz mix.

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