VINOZ statement

“Our mission is to find those hidden gems & take the ‘commercial’ out of imported wines”


VIN (French for ‘Wine’) OZ (Slang for ‘Australia’)

Why Australia?

It’s actually quite simple. Dean is Australian, Manon is Luxembourgish.

After having met in Australia, we moved to Luxembourg in 2012 where we found life to be near perfect – if it wasn’t for the lacklustre selection of wine from Down Under.

Forget what you know about Australian wines – the stereotype of overpowering and high-in-alcohol-content styles no longer applies. Australian wine-making has substantially developed over the years, resulting in refined familiar flavours as well as exciting new varietals.

We are keen to introduce you to our uniquely Australian selection and hope you will enjoy these wines just as much as we do.

Passion for wines

We are passionate about every aspect of the wine ‘journey’ – from vine to bottle. We believe wine is something special, which we want to showcase with our exclusive portfolio of handcrafted wines. Each wine has been selected and sourced directly from their producers in South Australia.

Our passion for wines, combined with our experience in the hospitality, retail and tourism sectors led us to put our dream into reality.